By Jeromy R. Dixson, DMD, MBA

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DSO’s and Group Practices

Nobody understands the decisions you are about to make more intimately than Dr. Dixson. Nobody.

Dr. Dixson is uniquely qualified to represent and mentor you as the only national dental-only M&A advisor who is a dentist, and has personally occupied the Founder and CEO chair during the process of seeking and choosing investor partners. He asked identical questions to the ones you will be asking, navigated through the same critical business/personal/financial considerations, and recently steered through the process you are considering now. He has truly “walked a mile in your shoes” when it comes to the mechanics of bringing investment partners into your DSO or group practice.

In addition to his personal experiences, Dr. Dixson has active relationships with dozens of private equity and other investment firms, and many large DSO’s currently seeking to make investments in dentistry. These relationships allow him to connect you with the most synergistic and aligned partners for your specific needs leading to the best investor match possible for your circumstances.

In 2019, Dr. Dixson was named to Group Dentistry Now’s list of “Top DSO Influencers to Watch” in recognition of his unique approach to assisting others build, grow and sell DSO’s, as well as his work with investors in the DSO space.

If you are a DSO or dental group practice with annual revenues of at least $10 million, and are seeking or will soon be seeking majority or minority investment from private equity or other investors, please contact Dr. Dixson now.

© The DSO Project LLC DBA Dental Capital Partners. All rights reserved.


There has never been a better time to invest in dentistry.

You are already aware of the fragmentation and scale opportunities. You see the multiple arbitrage available to savvy investors who make wise investments in the right platform companies and management teams.

What you don’t have is the specific dental industry experience to navigate an adequate due diligence process focusing on the KPI’s and other key dental metrics to properly identify the right targets to pursue, and the proper growth strategy after closing. There also exists a language spoken by dentists and your language of business which don’t necessarily align, creating hurdles for building rapport with owners and potential partners. Also, where do you source the best deals when so many other investors are interested in the dental space?

Your answer is Dr. Dixson and Dental Capital Partners.

Dr. Dixson is a DSO and group dental practice insider with nearly two decades of experience, who knows the industry inside and out. He is a three-time Inc 500/5000 awarded entrepreneur, the Founder and CEO of The DSO Project, a former Founder and CEO of an influential DSO, and a Former Member of the Association of Dental Support Organizations CEO Board of Directors. He also serves as a trusted dental industry advisor or Board Member for private equity firms, dental technology companies and global dental brands in a variety of capacities. For more information about Dr. Dixson, see his LinkedIn profile here.

If you are seeking best-in-class, personalized and effective buy-side advisory and finder services for semi-proprietary deals, dental platform sourcing, or a trusted long-term DSO/group practice partner that greatly enhances your odds of sourcing and closing the right deal, please contact Dr. Dixson now.

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